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Protection Dogs in India

Premier Protection Dogs in India

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If you’re looking for a well-known dog training school that is also a safe environment to train dogs, you’ve come to the perfect place. We started as a formal training institution in the southernmost part of India in 2016, and we’re still going strong. We specialize in advanced dog training systems as well as offering customers with dog training courses. In India, we train some of the best detector and protection dogs.

Reward K9 is also known for successfully rehabilitating dogs with behavioural difficulties. Come in for a meeting and a look around. Please send us an email if you have any questions.

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What We Do


If you are seeking a training for you or your K9 partner, protection dogs in India dog, or even an expert K9 Security team dedicated to customer attention and finding solutions, look no further.


Finest Protection Dogs available in India


Best in class Detection Dogs in India


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Customers Reviews


Very interesting for me to attend the second day. Although i do not train protection work, i can use a lot of the shown techniques for play drive in my dogs. Also the information on how to select the best suitable puppy from the litter gave me a lot of additional information. Who knows it is never to late to start with something new in your life, maybe my next challenge can be doing protection work with my next dog�������� Thanks Avinash for sharing your knowledge
Dutch champion
Anja Van De Zande Gerritsen
Dutch Freestyle Champion
One of the best.... I have an Indie... Zimba.... He is 6 months old now. A stubborn boy... He had food aggression too.... Took him to Avinash for basic obedience training when he was 4 months old... Now back at home.... He is the best, most obedient dog now... Even he eats food from my daughters hand..... Avinash.... You are one of the best.....
Pradeesh Reshmi
WHO - NTEP Consultant at World Health Organization (WHO)

We Make a Team

Our Team

We value professionalism and teamwork. To make Reward K9 the best in India, we foster our team’s unique abilities and harness their remarkable passion and dedication.

Avinash TA

Founder & CEO

I enjoy being a dog trainer. For me training is passion more than a profession.

Som Sundar

Operations & Marketing Head

Manages the online and offline marketing channels. He also manages the operations.

Milan Chackocke

Trainer & Decoy

He is our certified trainer and decoy. Energetic and an adventurous guy.

Still, Confused?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick the right puppy for me?

If you place training a pet on one side of the box, giving your time to them is on the other. Training will be useless if you are unable to devote sufficient time. Understand that this is a two-way street, and this furry companion will spend an average of 13 years with you.

What training methods do you use?

We employ the most up-to-date training methods and resources available. Unlike traditional training methods, our trainer has extensive experience working with European trainers, raising his training standards in areas such as protection, detection, and the use of an E-collar.

When can I start training my puppy?

A healthy puppy that has reached the age of 6 months or older can be on-boarded for the induction, based on our experience and advice from notable trainers and veterinary professionals. Before enrolling, the pet must be clear of any health issues and have received all vaccines.

Is an assessment required before training?​

We meet with the client one-on-one to learn about his requirements. The pet owners will have many questions concerning the training, the stay at our facility, the cost, the training guarantee, and so on… We then conduct a session with the dog to assess his ability to meet the needs of his owners.

What breeds of dogs do you train?

We can train any dog, regardless of breed or age. A minimum of 6 months old is what we recommend to our clientele. Otherwise, it will have a serious influence on the joints, resulting in serious health problems in the future. We have trained a variety of breeds of all sizes and ages since our inception.

How long does the training take?​

It usually takes between 30-45 days. It all relies on the dog’s temperament; if he has a strong desire for food or toys, it will be much easier. On the other hand, we must first develop drive, thus it is a sequential process.

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